24 Hours


My thoughts during school, exchange student version
  • Me: What is that
  • Me: What is this
  • Me: Who are you
  • Me: Why do you know my name
  • Me: Aw I think that's one of my friends
  • Me: Oops wrong person
  • Me: Is this even the right classroom
  • Me: What am I doing here
  • Me: Should I take a nap
  • Me: It is lunch yet
  • Me: Why are you doing that
  • Me: This uniform is ridiculously uncomfortable
  • Me: Why are you laughing? Should I laugh too or
  • Me: That's actually a food?
  • Me: Where are we going
  • Me: Stop staring at meeeeeeeee
  • Me: I'm sorry
  • Me: I'm sorry
  • Me: I think I just learned a new word
  • Me: Oh my god I am so SORRY
  • Me: Kill me
  • Me: I'm hungry
  • Me: I love this
  • Me: Is it time to go home
  • Me: I'm gonna take a nap


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